CAD4ALL Institute of Applied Architecture

Amber Wolf Studios is the epitome of professionalism. We were impressed by not only their creativity but also the quick turnaround time to execute the required tasks. All design work was completed with meticulous detail and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Marga de Vos

Genesis Medical Scheme

I engaged with Amber Wolf Studios to assist with our graphic design, infographics and general marketing / branding requirements. Our journey to date has been fantastic. Their high level of professionalism, fast turnaround times, high quality and innovative designs, as well as the fact that no project is ever too big or too small, create a memorable experience with every project we engage with. Their personal touch also makes every encounter feel like “home”. Amber Wolf Studios are without a doubt an invaluable extension to our business.

Elmarie Jensen

Hazel’s Nail & Beauty

My initial meeting with Chantelle from Amber Wolf Studios was one gifted to me by a business mentor. I was completely blown away with how they listened humbly to my requests and took into account every single detail, creating layers on my logo so defined and beautiful that I was near to tears when I saw it the first time. I am so grateful to have Amber Wolf Studios behind my branding, I receive compliments on all of my documentation, and everyone loves my mandala logo. They are fast, efficient, humble and take every care when working with your individual business so that it has the potential to stand out in a crowd.”

Hazel Liedermann

Bedazzled Browbands

I was blown away by how Amber Wolf Studios gave substance to the rough idea I had in my head of using my horse Tickle as my company logo and to transform this into an end product that differentiates my brand. They advised me on colour, design and layout, but their focus was at all times to create my vision and not to force their interpretation or ideas on me. Their attention to the smallest details stood out and their end product reflected my vision in full. I really recommend Amber Wolf Studios to anyone who needs personalised design work done and I think my logo and artwork substantiates this.

Jamie Potgieter