Our impact

We believe that giving back to our community is a vital part of our work

Giving is Living

Amber Wolf Studios has helped the local cause, Giving is Living, by donating THREE KENNELS to underprivileged communities in Cape Town.

“In many impoverished settlements and townships in South Africa, dogs are suffering in extreme weather conditions. Many of these dogs do not have any access to shelter and are exposed to all the elements mother nature has to offer. With Summer temperatures reaching highs of 38 degrees many animals do not have access to shade or shelter and are often left with severe sunburn, heatstroke and dehydration.”

“The Giving is Living Initiative serves to collect donations, monetary or otherwise, to distribute to the many animal charities in South Africa – focussing on the ones that are in the most amount of need.”

Visit their website to give back – www.givingisliving.co.za

Pit Pals

Amber Wolf Studios created a campaign to highlight the Pitbulls available for adoption at the Pit Pals shelter. We not only donated the money brought in by the campaign, but matched it to help the fur kids in need!

“Pit Pals is committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming Pitbulls and other power breeds, including but not limited to, Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We are a pro quality of life shelter who is dedicated to the physical and mental state of an animal. We are dedicated to assisting the public where necessary to help train them along with and their dog to try and reduce the need of animal surrendering and thus adding to the overflowing shelters.”

Visit their website to give back – www.pitpals.org.za

Barn Yard Stables

Amber Wolf Studios has donated the design, development and hosting of a local animal clinic and education center’s website. We wanted to bring additional awareness to their great cause through this digital platform.

“Barn Yard Stables has been helping horses in need in Mthatha, Transkei, South Africa since 2000. A record of each animal is kept so it’s progress can be monitored by Barn Yard Stables. Janine is well known in her area, and often horse riders come from afar to bring their horses, donkeys and dogs to be seen by her. Often they are so ill or injured that they are brought it shopping trolleys or wheelbarrows.”

Visit their website to give back – www.barnyardstables.co.za


Amber Wolf Studios donated the casting of the medals for the women only even, Girl Power 021, held in Cape Town.

“Rhino Powerlifting Club South Africa is a national Powerlifting club run by lifters for lifters. We are affiliated to the Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC) that provides a platform for our strength athletes to test themselves against the best in the world. The club was founded by Ian Morris in January 2013 and even though we are still a small “federation” we already have several world champions and world records to show for it.”

Visit their website tofind out more – www.rhinopowerlifting.com