We all have a favourite colour, but did you know there is more to colour than just its appearance? The personality behind colours is widely recognised in graphic design as well as many other industries. Colours are used to entice an emotional response from the viewer. Can you guess what traits are related to the colours below?

1. Grey

The colour grey is associated with its timeless, practical, and unbiased feeling. Unlike many of the other colors, grey is one of the most neutral shades available. Light greys are feminine in nature, while dark greys are masculine in nature.

Popular companies using grey in their branding include; Apple, Swarovski, Mercedes-Benz, Nestle, Toyota and Forbes

2. Gold

The colour gold is associated with wealth, prosperity, tradition, value and success to name a few. Did you know gold is most often used with white for High Holy Days and festival days – the seasons of Christmas and Easter.

Popular companies using gold in their branding include; Lindt, Versace, MGM, Guinness, Guess and Lamborghini.

3. Yellow

The colour yellow is associated with optimism, opportunity, happiness and positivity to name a few. Did you know researchers say that yellow is one of the most appetizing colours? No wonder fast-food giants like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and many other restaurants use this colour scheme. 

Popular companies using orange in their branding include; McDonald’s, CAT, National Geographics, Nikon and UPS.

4. Brown

The colour brown is associated with reliability, sustainability, honesty and comfort to name a few. Did you know ‘brown’ comes from the word ‘brún’, which is an old English word meaning ‘dusky’ or ‘dark’?

Popular companies using brown in their branding include; Nespresso, M&M’s, Dakar, Aero and McCafe.

5. White

The colour white is associated with purity, cleanliness, clarity, youth and innocence to name a few. Did you know studies of vehicular accidents and car colours have found white to be the colour of automobiles least likely to be involved in an accident?

Popular companies using white in their branding include; Under Armour, Uber and Cartoon Network.

Let us know what colours you have in your branding and what the reasons were for using them!

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