Have you ever wondered why you should use Amber Wolf Studios instead of a Design Agency? We have outlined the key features that set us apart. Here are the 6 things that every business owner should know before hiring a design company.


Fast and Reliable

In our process you get your designs as soon as the designer finalizes them. There’s no time lag between completion of design and its delivery. You can also give your comments instantly and get the design rectified a lot faster than traditional agencies.

Personal Attention

Everything related to your brand is significant for you. It is natural for you to expect personal attention on your project. We ensure each project we take on is treated with the utmost significance, unlike traditional agencies where attention hinges typically on the higher paying clients.

High Quality Work

Our work is a reflection of us. We work tirelessly to ensure that each client’s project is delivered to the highest standard. When hiring an agency you cannot be sure as to who will be overseeing your project. You might have an intern or a junior designer. With us you will always have the best!

Cost Effective Solutions

As a logical business person, the first thing that would come to your mind while hiring any help will undoubtedly be the ‘cost’. We don’t have the same overhead costs as a traditional agency. Therefore our cost-effectiveness of operation ultimately passes to the clients in the form of reduced service charge for the same work.

Wide Range of Knowledge

We have over 8 years experience . Our knowledge ranges from corporate identity, packaging, social media content creation and management, website design and development, infographic design, presentations, marketing materials, signage, as well as a variety of custom designs that are non-traditional.

Efficient Communication

An effective designer needs to understand your expectations, your vision and your mission to portray the design reflecting your brand’s soul. You will be able to communicate your message more effectively with us as it is one-to-one communication, rather than the traditional channels that an agency would have in place.

Now that we have highlighted the 6 things that every business owner should know about how Amber Wolf Studios differs to traditional design agencies we hope that you will join the Wolf Pack for your next design endeavour!

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