When designing a logo we always attempt to create something that is intriguing. Here we highlight logos we have designed with hidden messages in them!


Our Own Logo – Amber Wolf Studios

When viewing the full logo you can see the howling head of the wolf as part of the “W”. When we highlight the “W” and “O” you can now see how these letters for the full body shape and tail of the wolf. The wolf is part of the word as well as the word. We thought the intricacy of this was beautifully subtle, as you looked closer you see more.


Cape Saddle Fitters

Here we have Cape Saddle Fitters logo. We took their two main elements; Cape Town (Table Mountain) and the horse (Saddles) and meshed them together in a way that the bottom of the horses silhoette creates the outline of Table Mountain. Did you see both elements at first glance?

Leading Edge Engineering

A leading edge of a cutting tool is the side of the blade that is responsible for the creating the “cut”. In this logo you can see the top of the word “Leading” is in the process of being trimmed down in size by the leading edge of the tool (right edge of the tool). This design shows the precision that the brand encompasses through a subtle yet effective design.


In the MyCalling logo we used two people shaking hands as the element to create the letter “M”. When you view the full logo the message is more hidden, however when you use only the “M” as an icon or element you can clearly see the hidden message.

Falcon View Stables

With this logo we combined the two main elements, the horse and the falcon. We created a horse with “wings” by overlaying the two elements in a way that it seems like the falcons’ wings are that of the horse. The end result being an icon that feels both mystical and true to the name. 

M Kisten Attorneys

In this logo the hidden message is the letter rather than the icon. Here you can see the scales of justice quite clearly, however if you take a closer look you will see that the red bar from the scale forms the horozontal line to the letter “K” of “MKA”. We highlighted the important element and ensured the “K” became the secondary element. 

Defined Medical Assessments

Defined Medical Assessments, or DMA, has two elements to their logo. Firstly the main icon you see is the medical cross, the secondary image is the tapered line that joins the “D” to the cross. The line has been inspired by the medical syringe and needle, highlighting the services that the brand provides. 

Your logo doesn’t need to be boring. You can see from the above designs hidden meanings bring a great element to your logo and brand!

Let us know how many of these hidden messages you saw first.