We all have a favourite colour, but did you know there is more to colour than just its appearance? The personality behind colours are widely recognised in graphic design as well as many other industries. Colours are used to entice an emotional response from the viewer. Can you guess what traits are related to the colours below?

1. Red

The colour red is associated with hunger, passion, love, boldness, excitement, confidence and power to name a few. Did you know red is an appetite stimulant, and the most popular colour choice for restaurant decorating themes?

Popular companies using red in their branding include; Coca-Cola, Lego, Red Bull, Virgin and Pintrist.

2. Orange

The colour orange is associated with warmth, optimism, thirst, health, youth and happiness to name a few. Did you know orange attracts the eye and is the easiest colour to see in low lighting, low visibility, or next to water, hence its popularity for use on some boats, bridges and life jackets, traffic cones and signage, as well as ‘black box’ flight recorders?

Popular companies using orange in their branding include; Fanta, MasterCard, Bing and Nickelodeon.

3. Green

The colour green is associated with growth, sanctuary, positivity, nature, balance and trust to name a few. Did you know green is used for night vision goggles because the human eye is most sensitive to this colour and can distiguish the most shades of it?

Popular companies using green in their branding include; BP, John Deere, TicTac, Lacoste and The Body Shop.

4. Blue

The colour blue is associated with power, trust, calmness, progress, freedom, ambition, success and integrity to name a few. Did you know according to various international studies, the world’s most popular color is blue?

Popular companies using blue in their branding include; Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Reebok and Gap.

5. Purple

The colour purple is associated with royalty, mastery, luxury, creativity, individuality and fantasy to name a few. Did you know purple is the colour most associated with power and royalty?

Popular companies using purple in their branding include; Cadbury, Milka, Yahoo and Hallmark.

6. Pink

The colour pink is associated with love, sensitivity, possibilities, emotion, love, sexuality, sympathy and elegance to name a few. Did you know pink actually has the ability to calm the nerves?

Popular companies using pink in their branding include; Barbie, Cosmopolitan, Victoria’s Secret and Roxy.

7. Black

The colour black is associated with richness, boldness, power, mystery, strength, elegance and formality to name a few. Did you know black is the absence of colour and is therefore technically not a colour?

Popular companies using black in their branding include; Puma, Nike, Cartoon Network and Addidas.

Let us know what colours you have in your branding and what the reasons were for using them!