Have you ever tried creating something and thought to yourself, “I wish I had the graphic design skills to make this look AMAZING!” Well, we have put together a list of easy graphic design hacks that anyone can use to take their design to the next level. Let us show you how to become a better visual communicator in these simple steps!

5 Graphic Design Hacks that will make you a PRO overnight!


1. Contrasting Fonts

This is an area that most people find confusing. How do you know which fonts to pick, let alone how to combine two fonts in a single design that is visually appealing. The answer is simple, choose fonts with high contrast. This will help balance the two fonts so that they aren’t competing visually against one another.

Still a little confused? Don’t panic yet, here is an example.

We used the font Roboto Medium for “Be Kind” and Roboto Slab for the rest of the copy. We combined a sans serif font (this is a font that doesn’t have “little feet” on it) with a serif font (font with “little feet”) to create the initial contrast. In addition to that we also used two different font weights to amplify the effect. To create more visual hierarchy we used a bolder font for Be Kind, followed by a thinner font for the additional information.

When you put your design together remember to think about the following. What is the most important piece of information and then put that in the strongest feeling font, followed by a contrasting font in a smaller size for the additional information.


2. Match Colours with your Designs

Creating harmony through colour is one of the easiest ways to make your design stand out. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is pulling through the colours from your graphics or image to your text. Here is a free tool you can use to select a specific colour and find out what its HEX code is (a HEX code is a six digit code that is used to identify an exact colour).

In the example above we used the colour of the wall for the font colour. We also added a transparent block to help increase the legibility of the text.


3. Use Grids for your images

Using grids when combining your images will automatically create a more professional look to your final design. Another simple hack is the rule of three, this is used throughout graphic design, interior design, photography, storytelling, etc. The rule simply states that things arranged in odd numbers are more visually appealing to the human eye. Three seems to be the magic number.

In the example above we have used the same colour palette (pinks) to ensure the design is visually consistent. We then created a grid of three to showcase the photography. Grids make for a quick and easy way to create your own professional layouts without using design templates.


4. Transparent Elements

Do you have an awesome photo that you don’t want to “spoil” with your logo or text? We have the solution for you, use a monotone colour and then apply a slight transparency to it to create the effect you are looking for!

In the example above we changed our text and icon to white and applied transparency to it. Now the image remains the hero and the icon and text is a subtle addition to the design.


5. Crop images to Maximize Copy Space

Not sure what copy space is? It is the “empty” area within images. When searching for background images, look for ones with ample copy space that you can use to overlay text. Or, to create more white space, try cropping your images.

In this example you can see the vast difference of how using the space correctly you can get a much better design. The impact is created by removing parts of the image that are not necessary and then placing the text within the natural frame of the photo.


Visual communication is as important as literacy in today’s workplace! Using these hacks you can improve your skills and create designs that people will asume a designer created. Start trying out your new skills now, and if you still feel unsure comment with your design and we will give you some expert advice. 

Happy designing!

The Wolf Pack