Almost every client that comes through our doors asks the same question, “How much does a logo design cost?” The answer isn’t as simple as a number, a lot more goes into a logo design. We have decided to flesh out the details of why you should spend the big bucks on your logo and what to watch out for in the market.

The disconnect seems to be between what designers know and what people think they know about logo design. Logo design isn’t just creating a icon with a brand name, there is a lot more to it. Let’s get into what you can expect when paying for a logo design.

The cheap options

We are going to begin with why you should stay clear from the cheap options. People who are outside of the design industry don’t always understand the nuances of logo design and why the prices can range from R200 – R200 000 (if not more) for a logo. It’s all the same thing? Isn’t it?

That is the point – it isn’t the same thing!

When you use a logo design competition platform such as 99Designs or Freelancer Contests what you are getting is not a logo design. Remember, with platforms such as this “designers” spend all day creating logo proposals for various bids in hope that a client chooses their design. Because of how this is structured the design process is jippoed and what you typically get is plagiarised graphics that is quickly thrown together to win a job. They are not looking at your brand, its identity, its competitors, who your target market is, etc.

The other kicker is you are still going to pay a lot! The starting price for a logo design on 99Designs is approximately R2100. This is a lot of money to waste on a design that you are almost certainly going to need to redesign in the near future.

I have also seen various social media posts advertising cheap logo designs. There is a LOT of time and effort that goes into designing a logo, so be very wary of these types of deals. Often these “designers” have no tertiary education in design and they are using the incorrect programs to create your logo. I cannot tell you how many clients come through our doors upset with money they spent on a cheap option that they now need to have redesigned because it wasn’t at all what they had envisioned for their brand.

What actually goes into a well designed logo?

The main difference between the logos is the design process that goes in. The result might seem similar to an untrained eye, the work that went in however is vastly different.

It takes work

Professional designers aren’t just playing around on their computers all day. Any design we create requires work, and we take our professionalism very seriously. We want to ensure only the best quality work leaves our studios.

We went to school to learn the principles of good design, we spent and continue to spend countless hours on honing in our skills on the various design programs needed to create your logo. Not to mention staying clued up on the various design trends happening across the world. The best of us continue to learn and refine our knowledge and skills to ensure what we create for you is only of the highest standard and quality.

We went to school to do this

Granted, some designers that self-taught, but that is the exception not the rule. Most of us understood the value of education and dedicated 3+ years to learning our trade. Time and effort aside, earning a degree costs and arm and a leg.

In order to be the best at your trade education is paramount. Our education is one of the reasons you will be paying more than just R200 for a logo design. We understand the fundamentals of what it entails and have been educated in elements that hobby graphic designers overlook.

Equipment and Software

A logo is not something that should be created on free software or Sketch! The programmes needed to create a logo that you can successfully use across various mediums is pricey. Not to mention the equipment needed to run these programs are unfortunately not the entry level type computer. We invest a lot of money in the latest equipment and software so that our clients receive the best quality designs available in the market.

The process isn’t simple

Part of the reason logo design is not cheap is because we need to do things like liaise with the client, create a design brief, create a proposal, research your company, research your competition, research your audience, brainstorm, generate ideas, seek inspiration, sketch, do roughs, create the actual logo ideas, refine them, show them to you, get feedback, go back and do revisions, finalise the logo design, choose a suitable typeface and colour palette…I could go on, but by now you can see that the process of a logo design is quite extensive.

Why don’t we cut out some of the steps to save on time? It’s just not possible without compromising the quality of our design work.

Remember those cheap design options we mentioned like 99 Designs? They are throwing together elements off the top of their head without knowing anything about your business, your audience, or your competition. The design result might be cute, but you will be sacrificing your designs longevity and brand identity. You might also encounter issues of copyright infringements if they copied someone elses logo design. This is not the type of headache you need in your life.

The saying “you get what you pay for” relates perfectly to logo design. Keep this in mind when finding your perfect match.

It takes time to design a logo 

I typically spend between 10-30 hours on a logo design. How would you feel if someone offered you R2000 for 15 hours of hard work? Not to mention your years of experience and skills. And your university degree. Oh, don’t forget about the software and equipment needed. It’s just not possible to expect a quality design at that type of price.

Granted there are people out there offering logo designs at that price. But how much time are they actually spending on it? Certainly no more than a couple of hours at best. The only way to create it at that cost is to reduce your process and you cannot maintain the standard required without it.

I am not new to this

The majority of people will agree that the longer you do something – the more of an expert you are. Just like any other industry, you pay for experience. You pay for the knowledge and years of trials and errors the person went through to sharpen their skills. You will receive far more from a veteran than from a student, and thus the cost reflects accordingly.

Your logo is everything

The logo is the base on which all your branding and marketing will develop from. Business cards to website, everything that is related to your brand will have some tie to your logo. Even if it is only colour and font choice. You can’t really do anything without your logo design in place. 

Every single brand uses effective branding to their advantage. It is proven that the more a company spends on marketing, the greater their ROI (return on investment). If you think of any big brand their logo and colours are everywhere, and instantly recognizable! McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Woolworths and many more… 

A logo wont magically make your brand amazing. However what it will do is make your brand look good to the eyes of your audience. Percieved value backed up by a strong product or service stands a much higher chance of succeeding in this economy. 

Your logo is the first thing that people see, and first impressions count! You don’t want to risk having a potential client have one look at your logo and cringe. 

Make the investment

Are you still thinking about buying a cheap logo now and then buying a better logo a few years down the line when your business is successful? That’s not a smart idea. What you’re trying to build as a new business is your brand. If you go and change your logo every few years, then you completely defeat the purpose of having a brand. 

Everything that people began to associate with your business, via your logo, will disappear and you’ll essentially be starting over from scratch. Besides, what if your crummy cheap logo prevents your company from even taking off in the first place? What then?

Rebranding is very risky, and must be done carefully. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails miserably. ABSA received massive critisism over their new branding in 2018. You want to get it right the first time, it will save you a lot of headaches and money. 

It’s more than just a logo 

When we set out to create your logo we are not looking at just creating a design for you, we are building a relationship. We need to know you and your company on a personable level. That takes commitment, time, energy, and effort. So you can see, it’s not just a logo design. It’s not just a commodity. It’s an ongoing relationship.

We want to walk the journey with you and your brand!

So what do you think? Is your brand worth the investment?