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At Amber Wolf Studios we help your brand attract new customers, create trust and make it memorable. We create beautiful and effective designs that ensure a strong brand presence. Our designs are rooted in sound strategy and based on a keen understanding of your target market.

Effective visual communication is essential when creating a brand. Even if your company is doing well without specialised creatives (for now), being complacent about it will catch up to you sooner or later. Your brand should be your greatest salesperson; let’s make it happen!

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Amber Wolf Studios has won multiple international awards!

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At Amber Wolf Studios we love all things design.

We understand the importance of a good impression, that is why we believe presentation is everything! We want to dress your brand to impress. Great designs reflect a brand that takes pride in itself, its products and its audience. Your brand may offer a great product or service but if it looks bad no one will know how fabulous it actually is, let alone try it.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to align your brand with your target audience through strategic designs.

Our design toolkit.

These are the design tools we use to create a memorable brand presence through sound strategy and based on a keen understanding of your target market.

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brand strategy

Client experience.

Across industries and categories, products and services, continents and cultures, we partner with our clients to build brands that stand for something – without ever standing still.

The Wolf Pack Blog.

The Wolf Pack Blog is our brainchild, we want to help anyone who is creating a startup, wanting to freelance successfully or if you are looking for some real gems on how to take your established business to the next level!

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The Personality Behind Colours

The Personality Behind Colours

We all have a favourite colour, but did you know there is more to colour than just its appearance? The personality behind colours is widely recognised in graphic design as well as many other industries. Colours are used to entice an emotional response from the viewer....

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10 Social Media Tips for Businesses during COVID

10 Social Media Tips for Businesses during COVID

We have put together 10 Social Media Tips for Businesses during COVID-19. These tips will help you reassess your social media strategy during these trying times, and create authentic uplifting content that will excite your followers! To download our A4 Infographic PDF...

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The impact of COVID-19 on South Africans

The impact of COVID-19 on South Africans

We are looking at the impact of Covid-19 on South Africans. The disease caused by the novel coronavirus, is now officially a state of disaster in South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Sunday night, 15 March 2020.   South Africa has declared...

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